The English (Lab) Patient

Talk about a sad puppy dog face…

I’ve long thought that Moose would play himself to death if given the chance, and my suspicions were half-confirmed this weekend after Joey took the dogs down to his buddy’s country house where there were acres to run on and the bay to swim in. I don’t know if there were shells in the water or what, but Moose came home with not one, not two, not three, but ALL FOUR paws blistered and skinned. Poor guy’s walking around like the ground is made of hot coals. And I don’t know what hurts more — his feet, or my heart to see him so uncomfortable.

After work I decided to play nurse, and picked up a cocktail of Bactine, antibiotic ointment, gauze and baby aspirin to try and heal his feet and take away some of the pain.

Not quite sure how effective these are, but Moose doesn’t seem to mind and it puts a little barrier between his sore paws and the ground.

Oh, and little brother is doing a great job of keeping our patient company.

Hope your week is off to a more comfortable start. If there are any dog people reading this who have dealt with similar paw issues, let me know if I’m on the right path!

6 thoughts on “The English (Lab) Patient

  1. Poor thing! This happened to my parent’s dog. She likes to go crazy in the snow and tore all four of her paws up. The vet pretty much did what you did and wrapped them up in bandages. But because the ground was covered in ice and snow they had to tie IV bags around her paws to keep the bandages dry. Oh my god, it was the most ridiculous thing ever. I am cracking up right now thinking of it.
    The next winter I got her some of those dog booties but they would stay on her all of a few seconds…I hear there is some cream/vaseline type product that mushers use, I forget what it is called, but I haven’t tried it! Maybe it would work in the water too?
    Hope he feels better soon!

    • Oh my goodness!!! I read somewhere about the plastic bag trick but couldn’t imagine having to do that to all four! I think Moose would be like “What the heck?!” and refuse to even try and walk around. I considered looking into water shoes for dogs hahaha, but even admitting that makes me feel ridiculous! What we won’t do for our pets…

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  3. Hi Diana, came across your blog due to the same issues my yellow lab is experiencing! I am desperate for help because they are not going away and I can tell how much pain is inflicted upon her 😦 Once you noticed them going away, did you see them return at all?

    • Hi Holly, once his paws started to heal we never had any problems again. It took several days to notice the progress but the combination of keeping him off his feet, keeping his paws clean and letting them air at night seemed to work for us.

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