Scenes from a Weekend: Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

I think I scared Mrs. Robinson away last week just as she was about to feed her babies, which explains this blurry photo of two baby beaks wide open with anticipation…

And on Friday I had a hard time finding a good vantage point and in turn captured another ill-focused picture, but if you look closely you can see their new feathers…

So you can imagine my surprise when I went to peek in on them Saturday morning and found this…


I’m so bummed! Joey on the other hand is secretly happy because now I’ll stop smashing the flower beds with the ladder 🙂

The rest of the weekend included catching up with one of my favorite ladies and her growing baby bump, and a mish-mash of other things such as Downton Abbey, gym, taco-night with the hubster, cleaning, mommy date and a much needed closet purge (as well as some shopping to fill those empty hangers)…

Hope you’re recharged after a fun filled weekend, and ready to tackle the upcoming week.

PS: Don’t forget, one week until Mother’s Day. Better plan something good!

6 thoughts on “Scenes from a Weekend: Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

  1. Love the ‘belly pic’!!! Once again, Di, you’ve managed to capture a precious moment. I didn’t even have to go to Hallmark and buy a ceramic figurine to collect dust 🙂

  2. So bummed I didn’t get to see the cute baby birds. 🙂 Love the pictures. Had a great time catching up this weekend. BTW.. You’re still hired to take our maternity pictures. You take some really awesome pictures with that camera!

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