Pinterest Makes Me Feel Inadequate

The above cartoon totally cracked me up. I honestly think that Pinterest is turning us into a society that thinks Coke cans need to pass for vintage milk glass and layer cakes need to look like rainbows when you cut into them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pinning ideas — party ideas, home decor ideas, craft ideas, photo ideas, hair ideas, clothing ideas etc. But lately I’ve been realizing how inadequate it’s making me feel. In my Pinterest life my home office looks like this:

In reality, I’m writing this post from my Ikea desk circa college, in a hand-me-down office chair, with a big pile of crap to my left and a bigger pile of crap to my right, staring at the still-wrapped floating shelves I bought MONTHS ago for a gallery wall. Stick that in your pipe and Pin it.

But what my home and life lack in pinterest-appeal, they make up for with that we’re-still-trying-to-figure-out-this-whole-grown-up-thing charm. They say you have to walk before you can run, so maybe it’s time to buckle down on figuring out a good system to keep our bathrooms adequately stocked with toilet paper at all times, and then slowly work myself up to the DIY rustic farmhouse table 😉

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