Showing Up

One of my favorite bloggers wrote an amazing post back in February about friendships and life’s little celebrations. It was a post so good that I immediately emailed all my best girlfriends a ridiculously cheesy yay-life email just to let them know how much I appreciate them. There’s one part of the post that continues to stick with me. It reads:

I get asked a lot about my friendships–how we make it work, how we’ve built intimate relationships with each other and kept them. It’s simple. You show up.

You show up.

That is so…IT.

Like when you get an insanely cute invitation in the mail that dons a gnome and spews confetti inviting you to celebrate a friends new home, even though that friend lives more than 4 hours away, you freakin’ show up. With bells on. Or better yet, champagne in hand.

It seriously hurts my heart in the best possible way when I think about all my friends who “showed up” for me on my wedding day — friends who just had babies, friends who lived a train ride away, friends who worked crazy shifts at work — so many friends who didn’t even consider anything aside from an enthusiastic YES as an answer. They showed up.

And in turn, I show up.

And the cycle of friendship continues.

7 thoughts on “Showing Up

    • Let me know what you think! Totally hooked on that blog even though my life is 100% different than hers…I just love her outlook on life 🙂 AND her photographs!

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