When Minds Go Crazy

I’m trying to channel my inner zen lately with the mantras of “Be Here Now” and “One Day at a Time” but for whatever reason I can’t seem to still my overactive mind. I guess on one hand it’s normal to be 28 and thinking about where I see my life in 5, 10, 15 years. But at the same time, there are so many different versions of my life I conjure up that it’s hard to figure out which version I like best, and what plan of action will make me happiest. So I talk myself in circles, out of one idea and into the next only to talk myself back into the original idea. Then I just give up, grab a raspberry popsicle, decide the laundry can get folded tomorrow and sit down with my Kindle Fire and 50 Shades of Grey.

I’ll figure out my life tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “When Minds Go Crazy

  1. can’t believe u r reading 50 shades (having a hard time getting thru the 3rd novel), it is undoubtedly the worst. it was all the talk in boca when i was @ a superbowl partyy in feb, the next thing i knew it was being discussed on good morning america re: the ladies book club in (guess where?) none other than boca. we’ll discuss it when i see u (well, maybe not) i just find it very unrealistic or i’ve led a very boring life haha! now don’t go giving my perfect son any ideas, or maybe i’m to blame (i should have bought the books & put them w/yr yr “joke” shower gifts, just kidding…

    • Yes I’m reading, on book 2! I’m going to vote on NOT discussing these with you hahaha. Agree on unrealistic, but then again it’s fiction 🙂

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