Sara’s Nautical Baby Shower

I need to preface this post about Sara’s amazing Nautical themed Baby Shower by saying that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with how adorably crafted and organized the party was. While I’d love to take credit, major Kudos to the hostesses, Danielle & Emily, for pouring their hearts into so many wonderful details to make our Mama-to-Be feel uber loved.

The rumor was that Danielle (left) cut out no fewer than 5,000 itty-bitty onesies to decorate things like the Georgetown Cupcake party favors, and the clothing pins for the “Never Say Baby” game (The idea being everyone pins little clothing pins to their outfit, and if they say the word “baby” the person who heard it gets to steal a pin. Person with the most pins at the end of the party wins).

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of handmade decor AND prizes!

I loved the incorporation of the fishing nets into the nautical theme, they even used  one as a tablecloth. Suffice it to say it was a day made with love, just like the incoming baby girl we were there to celebrate.

Ok, this final picture needs a little explaining.

Maybe you’ve seen that, what I’d call a gawd-awful maternity photo idea, where the mom does the “heart hands” over her belly with a sonogram beneath. As if it’s some kind of creepy x-ray machine. I just don’t get it.

Anyhow, one of the last games we played at the shower had us cutting out different physical features from pictures of Sara & her husband to make a composite image of what the baby may look like. I’m pretty sure she’ll be WAY cuter than this…

Congratulations again, Sara! Can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby girl in just a few months!


12 thoughts on “Sara’s Nautical Baby Shower

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  5. just a quick question- for your never say baby game what are the little booklets or papers behind the clothespins? did you just print out the rules???

    • Hi Rochelle. No post, but I believe Sara’s friend just used a thin piece of mounted canvas and yarn to frame out the calendar, then added cut out letters for the heading. All things you can find at your local craft store! She then had little cut outs for people to write their name on and tape to the date they picked. Hope that helps!

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