Little Big Stuff Alert! Us on A Practical Wedding

Dudes! Guess what? Our wedding was featured today on A Practical Wedding, the blog that helped me know I wasn’t crazy during our whole wedding planning process. And it’s not just our wedding photos, but OUR wedding in MY words in what’s called a “Wedding Graduate” post. Initially it made me feel kinda naked, putting myself out there, (now I know I put myself out there in front of you guys all the time, but ya’ll are my buds, these people are strangers) but after reading all the comments, I’m seriously touched. And the best part is that they think YOU are pretty freakin’ awesome too for supporting and encouraging us. But tell me something I didn’t know 🙂

Please take a minute to read the post (and if you’re a bride-to-be, the comments too). Read it here: Wedding Graduates: Diana & Joey « A Practical Wedding: Ideas for Unique, DIY, and Budget Wedding Planning.


6 thoughts on “Little Big Stuff Alert! Us on A Practical Wedding

  1. Sooooo amazing and so beautifully written. You are so right to keep your vision and be brave…it’s your day!! Love it:) xo

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