Birthday Week!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Birthday week is officially in full swing! On Easter Sunday I got to make my first wish and blow out some candles on a cake that may or may not have been in the shape of a cross. Hey, I’ll take it! Tonight I had a lovely dinner date in the city with the one and only Alex, arriving at her house just early enough to catch her parents on the way out of town. And when I say ‘catch’, picture cars thrown into Park on opposing sides of the street for quick chinese-fire-drill-esque hugs.

Now aside from cake, the next best thing about birthdays is of course the presents 🙂

Thanks Mrs. C, I adore the pen! Moose and Riggo were very curious as to the jingling, but I assure you this puppy (ha!) will find a safe place on my desk at work.

Now lets talk about friends who know you maybe a little too well…

I believe the quote from Alex was, “Since I know you don’t like laundry, I thought this would help make it fun.” Ha! Every little bit will help. Plus this gift is very timely seeing as how I’ve had a dryer full of clean clothes since Saturday, so it will definitely need to be run again to release the wrinkles before I can fold.  Oh stop, you know you do that too!

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