Hello Birthday Month!

Talk about a day late and a dollar short but HELLO APRIL! April is pretty much my favorite month, and yes it has everything to do with the fact that it’s my birthday month. I love cake like a fat kid loves cake. Don’t believe me?

Can I just say it’s moments like that, when I’m shoving my face into an entire cake, that I feel the most grown up. I know that sounds completely backwards, but think about it. If I wasn’t a grown up, I’d totally get yelled out for doing something like that. But my house, my cake, my rules. I promise I only did this after all guests had left.

Enough about cake, lets talk about April. We have a big month ahead folks. First it’s Easter (and Whitney’s birthday!), followed by my birthday, followed by a long weekend in North Carolina! Sooooo excited for a mini-vaca. We’re visiting friends who moved down there and scheduling this visit was on my Get Sh*t Done list. Our friends have two labs too, so the boys are coming with us for one big crazy happy Lab Party. You can bet I’ll be sharing lots of pictures from the trip. We get back from NC just in time for Sara’s baby shower and Owen’s christening. Joey was asked to be Owen’s Godfather, so we’ll be practicing our Marlon Brando impressions starting now. We’re scheduled to round out the month with the Run Amuck mud run, but all the friends we were supposed to be running with are dropping like flies (way to get pregnant Kacie ;)), so our last weekend in April is TBD.

So what does April have in store for you? I hope it involves cake.

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