Little Big Moments Take 25

There’s something truly magical about watching a friend transition into Motherhood. About looking at her baby and thinking, “holy cow, you MADE that.” The girl I used to trampse around the city with and do crazy things at random college parties is now this full on Mommy to the happiest, sweetest little boy. A testament to how well she has embraced this new calling.

I’ve always known Christine was something awesome, but to see her parent with such ease and enthusiasm was really inspirational.

She plays the role of Superwoman very well, balancing a baby on her hip while she simultaneously unloads the dishwasher, heats up homemade soup in the crock pot and sings silly little songs that make the baby laugh. But she’s also honest enough to say, “It’s awesome, but I’m tired.” To talk about the real side of Mommyhood, the tough parts, but to know it’s all worth it when your motivation looks like this…

And there’s something so awesome about loving on your friend’s baby. Alex and I had the best time playing Aunties for the weekend, and my heart has just expanded to make room for this sweet little man.

The friendships, the laughter, the conversations, the love…it’s all still there. It just looks a little different now. And the ‘different’ is good. So, so good.

For example, this is us hitting up the newest “It” spot. No cover charge…

And we’re still into kissing boys…

Of course we make sure we hit the gym after a girls night out…

And coffee chats are still the best way to catch up on each other’s lives…

There is one thing that’s very different though…

Instead of calling “Shotgun”, now we call “Backseat!” And it’s easy to see why…

13 thoughts on “Little Big Moments Take 25

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the last comment about calling ‘backseat.’ Our front seat is NEVER used because one of us is always in the back with our little guy.

    • Thanks Meghan! And thanks for popping over. Love that you’re ‘backseat’ riders too — we were literally fighting over it all weekend 🙂

  2. Not to be repetitive, but beautiful photos! But now u get it (not that u didn’t), there is no LOVE as special as your children that you & the 1 u love created. That little boy is truely gorgeous & healthy!!! God blessed again. xo

    • Please be repetitive haha, I’m still learning my new camera so appreciate the encouragement 🙂 Of course it helps when your subject is so perfect! And while I “get it” in theory, and through observing…I don’t think I’ll really “get it” until our day comes! Don’t get too excited now, still not sure when that will be!!!

  3. Diana this made me tear up a little bit! Thank you so much for this amazing post…not to metion…repetitive(!)….these amazing photos!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. And I just had to change my profile picture TWICE because I couldn’t decided which one I loved more. You girls were amazing. Again, love you so much and thanks for last weekend.

  4. The pictures are amazing, and the one that made me laugh was Connor getting his diaper changed.
    He looked like he was giggling on the changing table. I’m sure he got the biggest chuckle at Auntie Alex and Auntie Diana attempting their first baby diaper change.
    Love you girls & Connor.


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