Bun in the Oven

No, no…not me people. Chill. We’ve got some time for that. I just thought this headline flowed nicely with my last post on Banana Bread 🙂

This week I’ve got babies on the brain — again, not as in ‘my future ones’ but as in my besties’ babies. This weekend Alex and I are traveling to Pittsburgh to FINALLY kidnap meet Christine’s adorable little man, oh, and to spend some quality time with his Mama as well. Trust me, there will be lots of photos to share. On top of that excitement,  another lovely friend of mine just found out last week she’s having a beautiful baby girl in July, and ON TOP OF THAT, I spilled the beans here that Kacie is preggo-her-eggo and I have full permission to share this adorable photo of that precious baby bump of hers.

Sigh…that’s what I look like after a big dinner (or after drinking a 6lb Milkshake) :(. And if you need a double sigh, here’s what Kacie had to say about the beginning of her adventure into Mommyhood:

Everyday I fall more and more in love with the little human being growing inside me — a bond we will have for a lifetime. Counting down the days until we find out if its a boy or girl, waiting for that first kick and then waiting for August 7th to finally get here :). Our precious bundle of joy!

I’m counting down too! Well, except for the part about the first kick, because that’d just be weird.

Anyone have great baby shower ideas? Accepting creative party genius in the comment section!

6 thoughts on “Bun in the Oven

  1. You can’t post a headline like that! I totally thought it was you:) Sara just hosted an amazing baby shower for our mutual friend with the theme “You Are My Sunshine”….lots of flowers, bright colors, lemon cupcakes, fun games that had the word “sun” or “sunshine”…I have tons of photos to share!

  2. XOXO Auntie Diana! I can’t wait to hear (not forgetting pictures) all about your fun weekend with Alex, Christine and her adorable little boy. 🙂 Thinking of a baby shower is getting me so excited.

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