All the Small Things

Sunday we received the motherload. The online gallery of all our wedding photos. Nearly 800 pictures to pour over, the culmination of a very interesting journey. And as we looked through the photos, I kept thinking wow I make a lot of really stupid faces man I really need to get thank you notes ordered about how we really got it right in the end. Like Kate Hudson’s character says in Almost Famous, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it isn’t the end.” I can say with a very happy heart that it was okay (better than okay in fact) and I’m so glad it’s the end.

I promised more thoughts on the whole wedding process, and that post is coming later this week with what I’m trying to somehow narrow down into my top 10 favorite photos, but tonight I’m sharing the small things. Because just like the ‘big picture’, the happy little details have their time and place too.

Our “Message in a Bottle” Guest Book

Framed chalkboard custom gift from Kacie, blue bottle from thrift store

Seating Chart — From Etsy

Candy Favors

Bags and labels from Etsy, dark chocolate covered almonds from Whole Foods

Clay Cake Topper with Yellow LabsEtsy

Koozie Wedding Favors

Ordered online, forget where! Came with free Bride & Groom Koozie though, so that was cool 🙂

Necklace and Earrings

You all remember this necklace from way back when, earrings came from same Etsy shop. 

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Jars from grocery story, berry/twig garland and candles from Michaels, bottom filled with rock salt.

Something Blue

Quite possibly my favorite detail, my blue shoes from Zappos. Highly suggest fun colored shoes!

If you’re anxious for more photos, and your name is Kacie and you don’t use social media, check out my Facebook album HERE. 

Oh, and speaking of Kacie, here’s something else to get excited about…

We were onto them the night of the wedding, but finally I can confirm and share the news that these two love birds are expecting a baby in August! Who’s ready to talk baby showers?! (Two hands high in the air over here)

2 thoughts on “All the Small Things

  1. Oh.. I LOVED the little happy details of your wedding. What would we do without Etsy!? Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures. They are all so beautiful! 🙂
    P.S. I gotta check out Etsy for baby ideas! YAY! -XO

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