Women vs. Food


Not being ones to accept defeat, this morning’s mission had us back at Chick and Ruth’s in Annapolis to take on the Colossal 6lb Milkshake. The chocolate milkshake didn’t stand a chance against us. The defender pictured above. The challengers:

 image  image image

In order of appearance: Pam “Don’t Mess With Me, I’m From Pittsburgh”101, Spice aka The Reinforcement, and Diana “If a Milkshake Had an Ass I’d Kick It.”

We started out strong, confidant that between the three of us 6 pounds of Milkshake would be a walk in the park (or a couple of hours on the treadmill). Armed with breakfast, our strategy was “Sip, Sip, Pass.”


Halfway through and our confidence remained strong, our determination unwavering…


Going, Going….




The last frothy bits were scooped straight from the chalice. Victory was ours, and it was…..well…uneventful really. I expected confetti and balloons, or at least a few slow claps from the peanut gallery, but really it was just us girls cracking up and realizing that maybe this isn’t something you really should be proud of.

Nah! We’re totally proud. And the little kids at the surrounding tables definitely want to grow up to be just like us now.

I mean, who wouldn’t. Hope your weekend has been equally as successful 🙂

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