Bird Is The Word

Hi, it’s me, still obsessing over all things Kate Middleton. While I would love to fill my closet with every dress she wore on her tour through the US, I’ll settle for some inspirational (and affordable) pieces here and there. I love the Issa Bird dress she’s wearing in the photo above, it’s a piece she has been photographed in numerous times, so you can imagine how I totally freaked out when I spotted this fantastic bird print top at Target.


I may or may not have elbowed a little old lady out of the way to get a closer look and grab my size. Oh, and while you can’t tell in this blown out cellphone picture, I’m also totally digging my (finally sized down) Rose Gold colored Fossil watch I got for Christmas. It’s a little bit masculine, and a lotta bit awesome. Not sure you’d find it in the crown jewels vault, but I think Kate would definitely approve.

PS: Thanks to the birds, I totally have Forest Gump in my head today — make me a bird so I can fly far far away from here.

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