Riding Solo


I remember being 16, something at home was driving me crazy and I felt like I just had to get out of there. So I did what any hormonal teen would do, grabbed my car keys, hopped in my car and just drove. I ended up driving to Kmart and buying the new Britney Spears tape (yes tape). And then I went home. Such a freakin rebel, I know. It’s amazing I’m still alive.

I still get that feeling a lot. To just jump in my car and drive without really knowing where I’m going. Make it up as I go along. Todays little adventure took me to Marshalls and then McDonald’s for a chocolate milkshake. I should have warned you my rebellious ways carried over into adulthood.
But these silly little outing are therapeutic. Sometimes it feels good just to be riding solo, driving in the car, radio up, nothing but your thoughts and the open road — even if that road is only taking you to McDonald’s. It helps me remember to take time to treat myself, literally and figuratively. And now that I’ve had some me time, it’s time to rejoin the world for a superbowl party. Go Madonna!

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