You all know I’m a fan of to-do lists, and it’s not only the small thrill of checking things off one by one, but I find that they help me prioritize. I redo my work lists a few times each week to move appropriate things to the top, make sure the most time sensitive tasks are getting done by deadline and to help me focus on which project comes next. I prioritize, evaluate and re-prioritize on a regular basis. Suffice it to say that I never only once rarely miss a deadline.

That’s how I tackle work, but what about life outside of work? I’ve started to realize that in everyday life, there’s a total lack of prioritizing, yet there are so many things I want to accomplish. Instead of a pretty To-Do list with color coded check mark boxes, my goals swirl around like a tornado — picking up more things along its path and spitting something back out here and there. Completely unfocused, totally out of control. Here’s my tornado snapshot: Paint chalkboard wall, get back to spin class, get a new living room chair, sit down with a lender, book a honeymoon, get to the social security office, get to the mva, plan a trip to North Carolina, plan a weekend to NYC, figure out if you can make Tim’s wedding in Atlanta, return pants to Ann Taylor, get new moisturizer from Clinique, set up a new joint bank account, trim dogs nails, make vet appointment, make dentist appointment, make hair appointment, clean the office, clean the guest room, update the kitchen, update the bathroom, use camera more, learn more about manual settings, create gallery wall, create better organizational system for bills, call homeowners insurance people, call X to catch up, etc etc etc. And at the eye of the tornado are the basics — be a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, worker, dog-mommy.

I think my blood pressure just went up a bit from typing all that.

I’m cracking down on myself though. Picture me as the crazy storm chaser person in the SUV trying to catch up to the tornado. Hardcore, right? It’s time to master the opposite of The Art of Planning Nothing. A little something we’ll now refer to as The Art of Getting Sh*t Done. It’s a two step process that looks a little bit like this:

Step One – Prioritize

Step Two – Get Sh*t Done

Now let me go play this song on repeat while I make my To-Do list!

8 thoughts on “Twister

  1. That is one heck of a long “to do” list. You little head must be spinning. I would put, plan a honeymoon, as top priority, and the rest of the “to do” will just flow 🙂

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