Something Old, Something New

Fact: I lived/worked in Washington, D.C. for the better part of 7 years and never once went to the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl.

And I love chili. It’s pathetic really.

To me it relates back to the whole idea of roots & wings — we think we need to spread our wings to find new and fun adventures, but sometimes it’s as easy as looking in your own backyard. The backyard we often take for granted.

I had one of those fun adventures yesterday when my mom and I went to Ellicott City for a mother/daughter reunion with my two childhood best friends and their moms. The second we hit Main Street I couldn’t believe what a gem we had discovered! The town has an old English feel with historic brick buildings, and lots of vintage and antique shops sprinkled in with charming cafes and restaurants. My girlfriend’s condo was amazing! The building was an old textile mill, and I was instantly in love with floor to ceiling windows, high wood ceilings and exposed brick.

I wanted to pin every inch of that place! Company included, because I love the feeling of getting together and laughing about memories from elementary school one second, cracking up at our mom’s the next, and talking about weddings, husbands and who-married-who to round out the conversation. It’s the 3D version of memory lane.

My Maryland life started in middle school, so these girls and their moms are my beginnings.  My history. No one else can make that claim. And I love knowing that even though we aren’t a daily (or weekly, monthly,  even yearly) part of each others lives, these women are all part of my future story as well.

In a nutshell, yesterday was a new and fun adventure with some of my oldest friends. And of course I couldn’t pop into antique/vintage shops and leave empty handed. My very random spoils included the following:

Soap dish. I just loved the words and the cheery colors!

Can a potato masher be cute? Because this one had me at hello.

I have big plans for the “T” flashcards. More on that when I actually do it 🙂

Hey, remember that whole “winter magic” thing? Well it’s totally in full swing these last few days, and the adventures continue tonight with a D.C. date with Alex. Who knows, maybe we’ll hit up Ben’s Chili bowl.

3 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. It was a blast with the girls yesterday, even if we were rebels J-walking 🙂
    Glad you got your camera to work because you took a great pic of the Ellicott City sign.

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