Memory Lane

I’m on a kick of trying to put things back in their place this week. You know, like the scarf hanging over the chair that you walk past 5 times 10 times for two weeks before finally putting it away in the closet. But when I grabbed a stack of books off a kitchen stool to put them away on the bookshelves upstairs, I got a little sidetracked when I realized one of them was Joey’s high school senior yearbook. 1999-2000. The year we met. Time for a trip down memory lane.

I flipped through the pages, cracked up over Joey’s “Best Eyes” superlative picture, and nearly fell off my chair when I came across the message I had written. It was a FULL PAGE in length and sprinkled with puppy-love sentiments (along with typos – “your graduating” and “salade” oy!) like “I’m going to miss you soooo much when you’re at senior week” and “The last 7 months have been the best of my life.” Gosh Mom, didn’t you teach me about playing hard to get??

The thing about memory lane is that on some levels it feels like you’re reading the story of someone else’s life. I hardly remember the girl who wrote those words, in fact she makes me cringe a little. But at the same time, I can close my eyes and remember, like it was yesterday, the feeling of sitting in the passenger seat of Joey’s car, we’re listening to Limp Bizkit and driving faster than we should so I’d be home before curfew. My goodness we were cool.

While I would never want to go back and do it all over again, memory lane reminds us of where we came from, where certain life stories started, and just how far we’ve come. It’s good to take a trip there every now and then.

Even if the trip looks like this…

Joey’s senior prom. I’m pretty sure I had cornrows if you look close.

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