Act 2 Scene 2: Friday Night Now & Then

I was rolling out homemade pasta tonight with “Pitbull radio” streaming from pandora, and as I rocked out with my KitchenAide I grew a little nostalgic for the days of old. And by days of old I mean the days of about, give or take, 4 years ago.


My best girlfriends and I all lived within a few miles of each other in Washington D.C. We were still relatively recent college grads, working our first jobs, making some real money for the first time, and the city was our playground. We went to college in D.C., but, at least for me, having my own studio apartment, no one depending on me but ME, and nothing but free time when the work day ended felt like true independence.


We lived for Friday nights. For the weekends.


Dancing to Shakira at Cafe Citron, standing in booths playing bongos. It was a regular thing. And it was awesome.


That’s where my mind went while I rolled out pasta for homemade raviolis. But THIS is Friday night too. This is Friday night now.


Shakira played in the kitchen, but I imagined Christine at home in Pittsburgh rocking her baby to sleep, Hilary in Africa walking around the village with her boyfriend, Alex drinking wine on her new living room couch with her husband if he isn’t on call tonight and Kacie in Baltimore getting ready to sleep in her own bed rather than on my couch. And all that? It’s pretty awesome too.


My my how things have changed. It feels like a lifetime ago and just yesterday all at the same time.


I’m not trying to say that we all still can’t hang with the best of them. We can. I’ve got the pictures from Kacie’s bachelorette weekend to prove it, stripper poles and all. Maybe it’s just that priorities have changed. I still love me some weekend. But a Friday night at home cooking and drinking wine with Joey & the dogs is the new version of waving my independence freak flag. Bongos not required.


It’s the dance of life.

3 thoughts on “Act 2 Scene 2: Friday Night Now & Then

  1. Yes, Diana “the dance of life” is just beginning for u & Joey, although u both have seen many changes & u will cintinue to do so. When I reflect over several decades of my life now it seems as though I have lived through so many wonderful moments & look forward to so much more. I have never understood the person that when asked how have u been, they respond “life & people never change”. One of my biggest lessons in my life was to accept disappointment & move on (unfortunately I had to learn that @ a very young age) Life can be as simple or as difficult as an individual wishes to make it. Of course, troubling times happen & u think u simply won’t live through it; however, we all learn life is about choices & we learn to live w/them. Embrace each day as a new adventure simply because it is….Mama Sandi (bring me some ravs!!!)xoxo

  2. Loved reading today’s blog. You really write so beautifully.
    The pictures of you and your handsome husband making comfort food together , enjoying wine, and music, as your two precious pups watch with tails wagging, tells me something……………that life is good and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Save me some ravs too!!! xx00

  3. Well said sister. Absolutely loved reading every moment of this. Date: January 9th 2011. Day of the week: Monday. Reality: sitting at my desk trying to get through a lengthy contract and time out my next “pumping session.”. But, spiritually: It was just 2007. Friday night. I was shaking it with you. And our hips were not lying. At all. Despite the whiteness. hehe.

    I cherish those memories with you! How much fun did we have? And how much do we have to be thankful for now as we build our families? A few years ago as the end of the work day rolled around, I would have been trying to see if any friends wanted to catch happy hour in Dupont after work. Now, I just can’t wait to get home to see Connor’s little smile. The highlight of my day is when he wraps his little hand around my finger and looks up at me as if to say “mom, you are my whole world.”

    Life is rich 🙂

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