Wedding Photo Sneak Peak

I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see some of our professional wedding photos, so when my phone dinged me with a Facebook notification that Raven tagged me in 3 photos, my heart skipped a beat and my legs skipped about 10 steps to get me to the office as fast as possible. My phone would be too slow. I had to get to the computer STAT.

Then I proceeded to look at the same 3 photos over and over…and over again for the next 20 minutes.

It was a little surreal. I had fallen in love with these photographers before I fell in love with my wedding day. I originally booked them for June 2012. When I told them we were bumping up the wedding by, you know, a mere 6 months, they were game. And awesome.

We got married December 9 because that’s when Raven was available. I was pretty much obsessed, which is why I think it was so surreal to see myself in her photos. I had seen photos of so many other brides, but this time it was me. And my handsome groom, be still my heart.

I was unsure about so many things for so long, but photography was never one of  them.

Oh, and Joey. He was never one of them either.

Photos by Raven & Nick of

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