Act 3 Scene 1: Xmas Morning


Christmastime for us  means a lot of shuffling around between families. We want to see everyone, be with everyone, celebrate with everyone, but sometimes it feels like the second we settle in to a place, it’s time to get to the next location. Four Christmases, baby. We’re just a modern American family. 

I love the hustle and bustle though. I feel blessed we’re so loved. But it’s also good when it’s balanced out with ‘home’ time. Christmas morning is reserved for our little family of four. 


The dogs get stocking stuffers of course. New bones. Which they ate in all of 10 seconds. But how about this next picture, Riggo is totally smiling, right?!


It’s a little creepy. Mostly funny though.

Oh, and I got to buy my first ever “For my Husband” card 🙂 It was a Little Big Moment. I pretty much loved it.


And while this is our 10 billionth Christmas together, it was our first one as a married couple and it felt special. It’s fun after all these years to feel like we’re starting a new chapter in the Book of Us. We’re thinking more about traditions and the things we’ll want to carry on and pass down to our future children. Christmas Morning Waffle Breakfast??


We’ll see if that one sticks. We’re awfully fond of those homemade cinnamon buns too though 😉

The Christmas Card on the other hand — that one’s sticking.


Hey NYCathy, see that bowl peeking out from behind our card? I freaking love it. We’ve had it on display for weeks.

That picture only took 17 takes with the self-timer. And we got the dogs to look at the camera by placing a frozen greenbean in front of the lens. True story.

The back of the card is a little more… us.


Here’s hoping your holiday season was bright. Now on to 2012…

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