Little Big Moments


There’s a line at the end of the movie version of Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightly one), where her character uses the phrase “incandescently happy,” and I’ve always thought that was such a beautiful pairing of words. Seriously, why don’t people still talk like that?

I can honestly say there have been three moments since March where I have felt so happy that the only way to describe it would be incandescently. The first was the moment Joey asked me to marry him. The second was as we left the jewelry store after purchasing our wedding bands.  And the third was this morning as I walked out of the court house holding our marriage license.

The dress, the mason jars, the necklace, the cake topper — these things are all fun (kinda), but they are also just that — things. It’s the items that bring me one step closer to marrying my best friend, that moments that remind me I’m about to start a new and exciting journey with him, that fill me with a sense of pure joy.

The moments are fleeting, like all moments are, but the feeling of being so happy you want to hug a complete stranger and say, “do you realize what just happened?!”, is something you put in the emotional safe deposit box of your heart and save forever.


6 thoughts on “Little Big Moments

  1. Diana, I’m @ a loss for words (& we all know that’s unusual). The reality of yr gift to express yrself so beautifully touches my heart. The many of us that have been blessed w/special moments that we would love to share we tend to hold on to privately for many reasons, may God continue to fulfill u & Joey w/many many special times throughout yr life together & may all of the wonderful memories sustain u both during difficult times as u begin yr life together as husband & wife. Love u, Sandi (FMIL)

  2. I read your post and I knew it came from the heart. You are one Special, Special young lady, and I know that you and Joe Joe will have a beautiful future together. Love, and hugs. MOM (Joe Joe’s FMIL) 🙂

  3. Oh Diana, I wish I could have been that complete stranger that you hugged! Such good thoughts, wishes, love, happiness, laughter coming your way from Texas. You and yours are in my thoughts daily!!! Knowing you can’t wait for December 9th! So very excited for you. Hello to you and Joey, hope to see you on our next trip to Annapolis.

    deb(Kacie’s auntie)

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