The Bitter Truth


I’ve made it no secret that Moose has an affection for Christmas tree ornaments, and the tree itself for that matter — we all remember this from last year. Now that our tree is officially up, and Moose is home alone (Riggo is still in his crate during the day, gee, wonder why), I can’t help but wonder if this will be the year the Christmas tree prevails and gets through the season unscathed.

Joey and I got a tastey reminder of all the poor tree has endured the past two years. While we were putting it up, trying to find all the plugs for the lights and fluffing the branches, we both kept getting the worst taste in our mouths. We were so confused as to what it could be, but then it dawned on me.

Bitter Yuck Spray.

The spray they make to keep dogs from chewing on things. We pretty much doused the bottom half of the three in that stuff last year in hopes it would keep Moose away. It didn’t work. Jokes on us I guess.

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