6 thoughts on “Act 2, Scene 1

  1. Your home looks beautiful. I especially love how you decorated the dining room table 🙂 and how you used the pretty coasters 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to come over for some Christmas Cheer !!!!!
    Looks like Riggs is checking the tree, and checking it twice, and soon you’ll find out if he’s been naughty or nice 🙂

  2. Yr home looks great!!! Can’t believe u got soooo much done after leaving my house @ 3:00. Gee, I wonder what got u in the Christmas spirit, luv to “pat” my own back. Seriously, thought u would be too tired to get all of this done. Very impressive “Mr. & Mrs. Troese”… Had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks again for taking the time to visit during this busy time. Problem is, my house is sadly quiet. Miss u already (especially my pups) See u on Dec. 9!!!!!! Love, Mama Sandi xoxo

  3. Your home looks wonderful Diana!! So excited for you and Joey, just 12 more days! Sincerely wishing you and your familiy the best this holiday season. I’m sure you are so excited you can hardly stand it!!!!

    hugs, deb(Kacie’s auntie)

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