Sunday Funday

imageSpeaking of balance, this Sunday was in stark contrast to last Sunday’s laziness. And can I just say that the recipe for a perfect Sunday Funday may go a little something like this:

Mix together 3 good friends and 1 great restaurant with perfect weather for an outdoor lunch in November. After ingrediants are well blended, pour in a trip to Sephora to sample and purchase new makeup. Let rise, then transfer mixture to the movie theater and knead in some guilty pleasure (aka Breaking Dawn) until ingrediants have absorbed as much silly-vampire-awesomeness as possible. Pop into the oven at 450 degrees for 5 hours and promise to do it again soon.  

Oh, and if you’re a fellow Twitard – Sara, Mary and I give the new movie 6 thumbs up. The giggling like little school girls never gets old.


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