Call Me Kate

Despite my attempts to surprise everyone with our wedding and skillfully avoid anything that made me feel super-duper bridey, my Mom and Alex outsmarted me and surprised me with a bridal shower this weekend. And guess what? It was fabulous.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that Alex got me a fascinator so I could channel my inner Kate….

Or that there were twinkle lights over exposed beams

Or that so much attention went into every little detail, from our names in scrabble tiles, to adorable little signs on the various drink/food stations, to fun games that were planned with Joey’s help behind my back. There were so many cherries on top of this sundae. Like these two crazy kids coming down from Philly…

That’s me hugging the crap out of my cousin and former bride, Jackie, and her former-MOH and all around awesome friend, Julia (this is what I do when I get overwhelmed with surprises, I shriek/squeal and just start hugging everyone around me). Another cherry — Alex’s mom and dad coming down from NJ, which is awesome in itself because I just loved spending time with them during all of Alex’s bridal festivities so it’s always a pleasure to see them again, but they one-uped the awesome factor by bringing downTHE cake from the swiss bakery in Philly…

Since our wedding is going to be very small, Joey and I aren’t registering anywhere, so I loved all the thoughtful gifts people came up with for the shower. Since my obsession with all things chalkboard has been rather apparent lately, these handmade chalkboard frames from Kacie & Alex may be one of my favorite things EVER.

Flippin’ love these two!

But you know what? The day would have been equally as special without all the cherries. We could have sat around on the floor in dresses made out of potato sacks (as long as I could still wear my fascinator) and it would have been just as fantastic because I was surrounded by awesome ladies who know and care for me. Thank you everyone who came, and thank you Mom for being an amazing hostess and all around beautiful person inside and out.

Oh, and my dress — it’s totally making an encore appearance late night on our wedding day. If Kate Middleton can do it, so can I!

9 thoughts on “Call Me Kate

  1. Yay for the beautiful bride-to-be!!! So fun and exciting! Kudos to Lore & the ladies for putting together such a fabulous party. I love these pictures, they really show that you are beaming with happiness 😉 You looked absolutely gorgeous (I love looove your dress!) I’m so happy for you, you deserve all the best. Great post!!! xxxx

  2. Diana, I’m so happy that you enjoyed your beautiful shower and most importantly being pampered like the princess bride that you are! 🙂

    Thank you again Loretta for truly being “The hostess with the mostest!”

    Alex, you are a fabulous wedding coordinator and every little detail did not go unnoticed.

    25 days to go… can’t wait! xoxo

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