Wondering What If

 I think I brag about the woman in my life kind of often, but that’s only because I feel so lucky to have such awesome friends who kick so much butt in all different aspects of life. I’m mailing a care package to Africa one second, and congratulating a friend on purchasing her first home in DC the next. I have a friend who’s going the extra mile to fight for what she knows is right, another who takes impromptu trips to Nepal, and a third who is navigating grad school and the world of social work to make her mark on this world.

From high-profile jobs, to career changes, to finishing college, to jumping into the waters of Mommy-hood, to carving a path to retirement, these women inspire me with their drive, determination and spirit. And it got me thinking about how as women, regardless of what life milestone we’re hitting, we often wonder about the “What Ifs” in life. And the “What Ifs” can be paralyzing, intimidating and confusing.

 What if this decision isn’t the right one? What if I don’t make enough money? What if I miss out on something? What if I regret doing this down the road?  What if it doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would?

But being able to buck the “What Ifs” can be freeing, inspiring and life-changing.

I’ve definitely suffered from a case of “What Ifs” this year, but thanks to the support and encouragement of some fantastic ladies who aren’t afraid to give the “What Ifs” the ‘ol middle finger, I feel I’ve reached my place of freedom. Which is probably why the quote in the photo struck a nerve with me. Never Regret Anything Because At One Time It Was Exactly What You Wanted.

That phrase is like a free ticket to letting yourself off the hook. A pass to allow yourself to follow your heart. A virtual eraser for any “What Ifs” that may write their way into your life story.

So if we’re making decisions that are exactly what we want, maybe the best answer to the “What Ifs” is “So What?” — and with a shrug of the shoulders and a cheeky smile we just keeping moving right along.

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