Skin Deep

Lets venture today a bit into TMI-land and talk about skin – particularly blemishes. If you’re like me, you might have mistakenly thought that after your teens were over you’d never get another zit in your life and that ‘adulthood’ meant not having to worry about your skin. Cue the buzzer sound – how wrong were we? So while I continue to use a skin-cocktail of Neutrogena and Clearasil to keep pesky blemishes at bay, I’ve also started thinking about what can be done from the inside out. Here’s some of what I’ve gained from extensive scientific research a little googling on the issue:

  • Here fishy fish: Fish apparently contains oils that help nourish the skin which translates into a softer more lusterous complexion (sounds fancy, right?). Not a fan of fish? Add an essential fatty acid supplement or fish oil supplement to your daily routine.
  • Vitamin A: Apparently this is essential for maintaining and healing epithelial tissue – yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Bottom line – egg yolks, nonfat milk, dark orange and dark green vegetables are all high in Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B: Suffer from dry skin? It may be because you’re not getting enough Vitamin B. B vitamins help maintain normal skin function, including that of oil-producing glands which keep the skin moisturized. Good sources are poultry, red meat, fish, bananas and peanut butter.
  • Vitamin E: Lets call Vitamin E the fountain of youth because apparently it helps slow the aging of skin cells. Sounds good to me. Best sources of Vitamin E are almonds, hazelnuts (guessing coffee creamer doesn’t count), salmon, leafy vegetables and olive or sesame oils.

If you want more, read this helpful article on the diet skin connection from WebMD.  I think I need to go home and make a shopping list! So, what’s your secret to good skin??? Pray tell…

7 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. I think the secret to good skin is:
    1) having great genes
    2) an awesome dermatologist
    Fortunately, I have one of the two… a good dermatologist that is!! haha 🙂
    Also, I was just researching last week a good multi-vitamin to take and honesty everything says to take a good quality Omega-3 supplement. I started taking RES-Q.

  2. D – You know how the first 7 months of 2011 were the worst my face has ever been??? Well… after spending hundreds of dollars on products — and hours of fretting — and near depression — I have found 2 things I love (Disclaimer: You never really know if it’s the products making the difference– could just be your body adjusting, nevertheless…):

    1.) ANSR Blue Light – – yes more expensive than I wanted to spend, and for the first couple of weeks you think you bought yourself a colored lightbulb… but I’m starting to become addicted to it!! I swear it has stopped new blemishes dead in their track….

    2.) Kate Somerville’s Anti Bac Clearing Lotion – – A facialist at the 4 Seasons told me to buy this — it goes on like a moisturizer, but it dries instantly and helps me from getting oily at all during the day… it’s a miracle I tell you, a miracle! But some of the reviews say it just makes their skin dry. I’d say it’s for oily types only.

    Thanks for the vitamin advice though! Good to know!!!


  3. Great post, Diana. I’ve just started the 17 Day Diet, and while you do not need to loose weight at all, it gives wonderful meal plans with lots of veggie and fruit suggestions alongside lots of lean protein. The goal: cleanse and detox without all that starving yourself crap. I’ve been doing this for only 2 days, so I’m not sure of the results, but it’s supposed to help with skin clarity. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Yes, please keep me posted! Going to go look it up and check out the meal plans, I’m intrigued. I want you to do a guest post at the end of 17 days!!!! I can pair the post with the photo of you pole dancing 😉

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