Top It Off

I was talking to my mom tonight and she made a comment about how “every bride needs a wedding cake with a little bride and groom on top.” Then she said, “Or you could put two little yellow labs on top.” To which I replied, “You’re brilliant. Love the idea. I’m going to Etsy now to look for that.” And I found JUST THAT. Well, I’d have to custom order it of course…but picture the above with two yellow labs, a groom with blue eyes, and a kick-booty crystal necklace on the bride 😉 Amazeballs, right?! I emailed the shop owner of The Pink Koala for more details. Stay tuned. We’re going to make this happen.


2 thoughts on “Top It Off

  1. So Diana, if you’re picking out cake toppers, then can it be assumed a wedding is def. taking place? 🙂 Need a first dance? I know where you can find a choreographer…cheap too.

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