Slice of Life


Sometimes I don’t blog because I simply don’t have time. Other times I don’t blog because I simply don’t have inspiration or an idea. The latter sucks.

Joey’s working nights right now which means after I get home, take care of the dogs and make myself dinner, I have ample time to pound the keys and let the creative juices flow. Problem is, I feel like I’ve been juiced dry.

So as I sit here tonight, bitter that baseball is on TV instead of The X Factor, eating apples & peanut butter which are totally making me crave a caramel apple, I figured that typing about nothing was better than not typing. So here’s my nothing:

Life feels like a lot of the same ‘ol same ‘ol at the moment, which isn’t a bad thing. I think we all drive ourselves nuts sometimes thinking about the next big thing, planning for the future, plotting how we can do things better, faster, fancier. It’s good to just sit back sometimes and be ok with the non-thinking, non-planning, non-plotting. Life is good.

I said I was going to get into a new gym routine this week. That didn’t happen. I’m ok with it. Next week 😉

I had dinner with my big brother this week. I owed him for watching the crazy four-legged kids over Kacie’s wedding weekend. When I left dinner, I thought about how cool it is that we are friends now. Mom always said it would happen one day.

I gave the dogs baths tonight, which makes me laugh sometimes because it makes them feel more like actual children. I was all like, “Moose, get in here it’s your turn.” When Joey’s not around I talk to the dogs a lot 🙂

I’m looking forward to a weekend that is sure to refill my creativity cup. I’m kicking it off with meeting Alex for dinner in the city tomorrow. Girlfriends are so neccessary.

Time for Project Runway. Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. I think you are realizing that it’s OKAY, to stop and smell the roses:)
    I’m glad you are back pounding the keyboard. I miss your blogs when you don’t post. After enjoying your blog so much and, our world traveler, Pam101’s blog, I’m thinking I want to buy myself a nice camera and start blogging too 🙂
    Love ya,

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