Oh Baby, Baby

When life delivers, it DELIVERS — in some cases literally. My best friend Christine & her husband Aaron, and Joey’s best friend Justin & his wife Amee, were both expecting babies in September. Well, go figure that both of the babies decided to hold out past their due dates, and then go figure they both end up making their debuts into this world on the same day! Both little boys, too (we knew Christine was have a boy, but Justin and Amee were waiting to find out).

Christine & Aaron welcomed baby Connor in the early morning hours of Oct. 3, and Justin & Amee welcomed baby Owen Monday night. It makes my heart swell to know how happy they must all be feeling. Can’t wait to meet the little guys!!!

4 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Baby

  1. So excited for yr friends!!! i know my little boys were very special & stll r (my special LITTLE boys, that is) Patiently awaiting my turn to grandparent (promise i won’t show favoritism, Moose & Riggo were here 1st) LOL, FMIL Sandi xoxo

  2. Congratulations to Christine. Looking foward to seeing the Baby pictures. It seems like only yesterday you girls were in College and Christine was the girl who brought back bagels to the dorm room from the place she worked. Now Christine is a Mommy. How exciting.

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