10/1/11: Kacie’s Wedding Recap

Let me start by saying the above picture may be one of my all time favs — it is seriously dripping with fun and happiness. Everything a great wedding should be dripping with.

Kacie & Bill’s wedding weekend was a blast, and looking back at the photos made me think about just how special it is to be in someone’s bridal party. Special because you’re able to witness all the Little Big moments that make a wedding a wedding. It’s not all DJ’s and open bar, it’s connections, relationships and drinking in each fleeting moment so you can remember it for a lifetime. It’s a stolen look between a bride-to-be and her father who can’t believe he’s getting ready to give away his little girl…

It’s waking up with your best friend on her wedding day, which feels a lot like Christmas morning only 10x more surreal and instead of a tree there’s a huge, beautiful white gown to mark the occasion…

It’s about going all out and taking a stretch hummer to the salon to get your hair and makeup done. If not on your wedding day, then when???

It’s sitting next to your Mom getting all dolled up, because lord knows you’ll be looking at these pictures forever. Best face forward 🙂

It’s bustling bridesmaids shuffling around each other in the bathroom trying to get ready quickly because it’s almost time to put the bride in her dress…

It’s the bride’s face when the bouquets arrive and it starts to feel a little more real. Yes, it’s all happening…

It’s the feeling of relief and excitement when the dress goes on and everything is perfect. Today, you are a bride. Tomorrow, a wife…

…Forever, his little girl…

It’s the moment you let everyone in on the secret that you and your now-husband have been planning to surprise all your guests with your mad dance skills for a very long time. Awesome first dance.

It’s continuing the party into the wee-morning hours and toasting every step of the way. Which is a pretty great metaphor for the new chapter you’re beginning — a chapter where you should continue to toast despite the ups, downs, twists and turns. Celebrate it all.

In the words of Dave Matthews – Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.

Congratulations Kacie & Bill! Thanks for letting me be a part of the celebration.

14 thoughts on “10/1/11: Kacie’s Wedding Recap

  1. Oh my goodness, Kacie looked absolutely stunning and soooo happy. I loved the bridesmaid dresses and you all looked like you were having such a GREAT time.

  2. Dear god, what I am I doing? HAHA!! thanks for the oh-so-flattering pics Diana! I completely second your comment about the connections and relationships. Thanks to Ms. Kacie, I have a found a new friend in you, Diana, and I am so thankful for that!

    • I cringe every time I think of what we’ll see when the professional photos arrive!!! Yeah, remember that time we put our dresses in our pockets to make them short and thought we were in a LMFAO music video? HAHAHA. It was seriously so much fun going through this wedding with you! I wish you lived closer 😦 But Joey and I do talk about moving down to NC one day… 😉

  3. Did this really happen? did my little girl just get married? Laci, Diana…what great friends Kacie has in the two of you…your both GREAT!…lets do a party, just so we can all get together again!….Naples???….Love you guys!

    • Ain’t no party like a Kellish party ’cause a Kellish party don’t stop! Send me the date and time — we’ll see you in Naples! Seriously though, thank you and Debra for everything. It was an amazing weekend and I’m so happy for all of you. xo!

  4. YESSSSS!!! Party in Naples! I’m down, and I can speak for Justin and say he’s down too! I know some things went a little wacky with the weekend, but really, that’s what makes the best memories to talk about later. I mean really, let’s go back and talk about “Loveshack” playing during their vows. If that were planned, it probably would have been an additional $500 just because you mention the word wedding! haha.

    As crazy and big as your family is Ray :), I am so glad I get to be a tiny addition whenever I’m around. I have felt like family from day 1, and I’m so happy for the memories to come!

    Diana- please come to NC. Even if for just a weekend. We’d love to have you guys visit. You can bring the boys too. What’s three big dogs in a townhouse anyways 😉 Sounds like a party to me!

  5. Back from our honeymoon and of course I couldn’t wait to read your blog Diana!! You take the best pictures which capture the weekend perfectly. The whole weekend is kinda a blur and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Diana, you know how to bring a tear to a girls eye. 🙂 Always your daughter dad! Diana and Laci, you both mean so much to me! Thank you for being amazing friends! Most importantly, when are we going to Naples?!?! xo

    • WELCOME BACK MRS. READING!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek, Do you just love seeing that, or what?! I can’t wait to see you and hear all about your honeymoon and recap your wedding day 🙂 I need to get my photos uploaded, between the bachey weekend and the wedding weekend I have a ton. I’ll try and do it Sunday night. Can’t wait to see your professional photos. xoxoxo!

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