Shout Out

I have to give a promised shout out to Kacie’s Aunt Deb who I had the pleasure of meeting at the wedding, and who, better yet, is an avid D-Spot reader! Deb told me she came across the good ‘ol blog when she was trying to do a google search for Kacie’s wedding website and accidentally found this post where I’m making fun of the lovely Kacie for being the only person I know who isn’t on Facebook (seriously, Kacie, I’m still depressed about this). Deb told me I was a great writer and she thought my blog was entertaining, so of course I immediately deemed her my favorite person in the world, forced her to accept my autograph and then tried to walk away but my head was too big to move anywhere 😉 So Deb, if you’re reading this — Holla!  That’s for you too Lindsay, since I seem to remember you promising to find your way here. Hope you both had as much fun as I did celebrating Kacie & Bill on their big day!

FYI for all of you waiting with bated breath — the wedding post will be up at 9am.

2 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. Diana!! you promised no pictures!! Oh well, what a wonderful time we had a Kacie and Bill’s wedding! I am so glad that I finally found/met you. I have been reading your blog since I ‘found’ you via ‘Kacie, one woman show’ on google. Isn’t this technology great? Bob and I had a wonderful time in Annapolis, drinks at Pussers and dinner at Hell Point (thank you Lindsay). Sorry we had to leave so early, had a flight to DFW. The wedding was beautiful, enjoyed every minute. As always the best part of visiting Annapolis is seeing all the kiddos(nieces and nephews). Now we can add anaother ‘kiddo’ to our list. Hope to see you(and Joe) on one of our visits.

    As I said before you are a fabulous wordsmith!


  2. Oh my goodness……..What a small world. I got the biggest kick out of this story about how you and Deb connected. Glad you and Deb met in person and I love the picture.
    xxoo Mom

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