Calendar Boy: VOTE!

The Lab Rescue group we adopted Riggo through is holding a photo contest for their 2012 calendar — so of course I want to submit a photo of my little man. Lord knows I have enough. Thoughts on a favorite? They’ll be judged on creativity, composition, originality and visual appeal. Click on any of the photos below to scroll through larger images…




6 thoughts on “Calendar Boy: VOTE!

  1. Can you make the one with them both on the couch black&white/grey but keep the color in their collars? The first one is a little too….giant head small body, toxic plastic toy you’d get at McDonald’s when we were little.

  2. I actually like the first one best, I think it’s a good perspective of Riggo- his expression is adorable and it’s different. My vote is #1 or #2.

  3. Whit, I wish I was that skilled but I have no clue how to do that 🙂

    And while I love #1 because the perspective makes me laugh…I’m not sure if they’ll pick a vertical photo for a calendar…thinking horizontal would be best. I can’t decide! My favorite is actually #5 because he blends in with the blanket, but looks like I’m on my own with that one 🙂 Thanks for the input all!!

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