Kacie’s Virginia Beach Bachie Bash

If I could sum up Kacie’s VA beach bachelorette weekend in two words, it’d be stripper pole jello shots penis straws non-stop laughs. I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so much over the course of a weekend — well ok, it could have been during Alex’s DC bachie OR Jackie’s AC bachie, but Kacie’s bachelorette was a three night marathon so I think it wins due to virtue of length. Kacie’s MOH also had all the girls come up with ‘dares’ for Kacie to do over the course of the weekend, which lead to some very funny moments. Such as the time Kacie had to play dizzy bat…

Or run baywatch style into the ocean to save a stranger (notice the concerned onlookers…)

Or the time she had to pretend she was a swimsuit model (PS: she also had to wear those crazy pink sunglasses when she was on the beach)

Or the time she had to apply sunscreen to the creepiest guy on the beach…

Or when she had a sword fight a stranger…

Or dance with the oldest guy at the concert…

Or make three wishes on a bald guy’s head…

Or rub a guido’s muscles…

There were countless other memorable moments, but they are for me to know and you to never find out about 🙂

Moral of the story if you’re planning/attending a bachelorette — make your bride do ridiculous things and take the pictures to prove it. Our motto of this weekend was “We’ll never see any of these people again.” I hope we’re right!

6 thoughts on “Kacie’s Virginia Beach Bachie Bash

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