Pulling the Trigger

Suffice it to say that I’ve been fawning over this necklace since I posted about it way back when. Well, after thinking about it for a couple months, and continuing to love this piece, I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. I decided that after surviving an earthquake and hurricane in the same week, that I should celebrate life, and what better way to do it than with a sparkly necklace? Ok, not really…but hey, if I needed an excuse that’s as good as any.

I actually decided to purchase it with the intent of wearing it on my wedding day, even though I haven’t finalized the dress yet. Come on, you know I’m a little backwards/non-traditional when it comes to this planning stuff (see here and here). Here’s the thing, I know I want a classic, simple dress — if the dress glitzes or glitters than it’s not for me — so this necklace will add the perfect amount of  “Here Comes the Bride.” I have it all envisioned in my head, just trust me 🙂

Will post pictures when it arrives!

3 thoughts on “Pulling the Trigger

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