Come on Irene

When I worked at WTOP radio, we had a fire in the building. It was in an air duct on the floor right above the newsroom. We could smell it and see smoke but we were smack in the middle or morning broadcasting and so we stayed inside the building and kept working. When firefighters arrived they asked us why the heck we were all still sitting there. We told them we were on-air and couldn’t leave. We never evacuated. True story.

Earlier this week we had an Earthquake. That was some crazy shiz. And while stories and pictures told me all about how people ran out of buildings and into the streets, my reaction to the earthquake was to run to my manager’s office and figure out what and how we were communicating this to employees and other people in the hospital. Work didn’t stop, it got busier.

I’ve been glued to the news since yesterday, waiting and watching to see what Hurricane Irene is doing. Joey’s mom is evacuating her home in Ocean City, my mom is preparing her house for potential flooding from the Chesapeake Bay, and friends in North Carolina are boarding up their windows. I know all this, and yet it didn’t dawn on me until this morning that maybe it’d be a good idea to get some extra water for the house, put gas in my car, round up the flashlights and candles and maybe buy a couple bags of pretzels or something.

I don’t know what it is that fosters my sense of quasi-invincibility — the feeling that the ‘news’ is happening to everyone else but it doesn’t really affect me. Maybe it’s my non-worrying, “we’ll figure it out” mindset, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be prepared. I’m a former Girl Scout, I should know better 😉 .

I will say though that an east coast earthquake and hurricane all in the same week does make you realize how small and powerless we are in the grand scheme of things. The world definitely works in mysterious ways. I do hope everyone will be safe this weekend, and that Hurricane Irene chills the eff out and decides to make a hard-right out to sea. I’ll be running a few errangs after work though, just in case.


6 thoughts on “Come on Irene

  1. Best blog post title ever? I think so. I love me some 80’s! Are you still going to Sara’s tomorrow? The latest I heard is storm should hit tomorrow afternoon, so Joe and I are going to play it by ear.

    • Song is totally stuck in my head now 🙂 We are playing it by ear too, from what I’m seeing it doesn’t look good though. Stupid Hurricane!! Ill keep my fingers crossed.

  2. I am very upset your LI friends did not receive a shout out! Esp as we’ve been the main target of the storm and are all under mandatory evac and will probably lose some of our beaches 😦 Gilgo is hanging on by a thread. Sigh. But, no one on the main land is taking evac seriously….well, except Trevor and fam who are checked in at the Hilton mid island haha! My 11:35 flight was canceled (no reason for that) and I am stranded on LI missing school, not good. I will be down eventually and we will have to catch up! Wx

    • Ahhh shout out to LI! How did you make out??? We haven’t had power since late Saturday night — so annoying! But because of that I haven’t been able to watch any of the coverage to see what ended up happening in NY. Hope everything is ok and that you get back down here safely and quickly. xoxo!!

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