The Only Thing Constant is Change

I have several good friends going through some big transitions at the moment, and it has me reflecting a bit on life tonight. How when you’re going through something big, kinda scary, and maybe a little uncertain people like to throw around phrases like, “Don’t worry, it’ll all work out.” I use that phrase all the time, and while it’s completely vague and really offers no actionable advice, I full heartedly believe in its message.

Don’t worry. Honestly don’t, because worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegumIt’ll all work out. In the end, if you stay positive and true to yourself, it always does.

It’s sort of akin to the phrases parents toss out there to fighting siblings — “Oh, you don’t hate your brother. One day you’ll be great friends.” And you look down at your Pound Puppy, the one your brother performed secret surgery on, filling it with tissues, forever ruining its once perfectly floppy form, and you know your mom has no clue what she’s talking about, and there’s no WAY you’d ever in a million years be friends with Dr. Kevorkian. But then life fast forwards 2o years and you find your brother stopping by to watch TV and eat brownies on a random Tuesday night.

While the words aren’t as tangible as say a job offer, or money in the bank (or new Pound Puppy) they are just as real. And while there may not be an exact moment when things automatically turn to rainbows and unicorns, this is real life after all, there will be a moment when you look at where you are compared to where you’ve been and you’ll realize just how far you’ve come. That things did work out. And here you are on the other side of “transition” even stronger than you were before.

(Photo above is one that Joey snapped as I wrote in my journal at the Grand Canyon during our Big Road Trip. I had just graduated college, moved back in with my mom, was driving across the US for 3 weeks, and had no real job to come back to. I was ready to grab life by the horns and a little bit terrified all at the same time. I wasn’t worried. And it all worked out.)

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