Diary of a Former MOH: 5 Steps to a Perfect Wedding Toast

With my Maid of Honor duties coming to an end (tear!), I close the chapter with imparting some artist-formerly-known-as-MOH wisdom on giving an award winning wedding toast. I must say, toasting Alex and Anthony on their wedding day was something I was greatly looking forward to.  Having known Alex for nearly a decade now, I had a lot of material to pull from, but after going to a few weddings and sitting through several cringe worthy MOH/Best Man speeches, I realized that keeping it simple and heartfelt was really the way to go.

Inside jokes, crass anecdotes and cheap shots have their place (like at a bar, or anywhere your parents aren’t), and they usually end up falling flat when you’re speaking to a crowd who doesn’t understand what the heck you’re talking about. Simple and heartfelt, people.

If you’re writing a MOH/Best Man speech, try and break it down into these 5 simple no-fail steps:

  1. Opening – Who the heck are you, and how do you know the bride/groom? Maybe add a line about how honored you are to be standing up there to help honor this special occasion.
  2. Anecdote about the Bride/Groom – Keep it short, but it’s always fun to add some cute/funny details that others may not know about. You want to embarass the bride/groom a little bit, but keep it classy. No need to give grandma a heart attack or leave the mother of the bride/groom wondering who the heck they just let their baby marry.
  3. Words to the Groom –  This is where you add the “awwww” inducing gushy stuff
  4. Words to the Bride – See # 3. Steps 3 and 4 are interchangeable.
  5. Wrap the Sucker Up
Without further ado, my big speech went down a little something like this…
For those of you who don’t know, Alex and I met our freshman year of college.
And if you’ve ever gone to school with Alex, or worked with Alex, or lived with Alex…then you know that this girl has a fetish for organization.
So it should really come as no surprise, that when it came to her love life, Alex was the girl with “The List.”
Now, I don’t know if she ever went so far as to write it down, but it was definitely a mental check-list of all the qualities her perfect guy had to have.
He had to be smart, funny, good looking, loyal, a family man, a good cook, up for adventure…and the list went on and on and on. 
We used to just laugh at Alex and tell her that surely this “perfect guy” didn’t exist…
Well, life certainly proved us wrong the day Anthony walked into her life…in a dog park of all places.
And I remember being in Alex’s apartment a few days after that initial meeting, and Anthony had left her a voicemail asking if they could get together, and could she show him around the city.
I think we replayed that voicemail a good 4 or 5 times. Alex was on cloud 9. She was completely smitten.
And I knew in that moment… she had found her perfect guy. The man she was going to marry. 
Anthony, I can’t imagine anyone more perfect or more worthy of Alex’s love. Thank you for making my best friend’s life so complete.
Alex, you’re beautiful. Not just today when you are stunningly beautiful, but you are so beautiful on the inside and out. You are truly the sister I never had.
So my wish for you two today is that may you always be as happy, joyous and in love as you are in this moment.
To Alex & Anthony!!!!
((:::::Cue the cheers, tears, high-fives, and small children begging for your autograph:::::))
So there you have it — from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party, to the wedding day, and finally my MOH speech, I hope you enjoyed it all! And don’t worry, there’s no shortage of upcoming wedding related posts as I’m gearing up for Jackie and Kacie’s bachelorette weekends and upcoming weddings. O yeah, and I’m getting married at some point too. But for some reason that isn’t nearly as much fun to write about!
One last BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to Alex & Anthony Strawn!!!!

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Former MOH: 5 Steps to a Perfect Wedding Toast

  1. Haha, okay tears came to my eyes just now as I read that again!

    I love you… your toast was wonderful and thank you for being such an amazing best friend and MOH!

  2. I just gave a speech about a month ago on weddings and how a toast should be short and sweet, heartfelt and meaningful. This is such a perfect toast! I love it. Congrats!!

  3. Your speech speaks for the friendship you and Alex have, and your words are a beautiful tribute to Alex who we all know is one classy, beautiful lady. I’m so happy she met and married Anthony, the wonderful man of her dreams.

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