God Made Yellow Labs Cute For a Reason

Labs are notorious chewers. And now that I have experience raising two yellow lab puppies, I’m convinced that the reason they are so darn cute is because their survival depends on it.

Ever since I posted this you all have been asking, “What did Riggo do???”  I’ll start by saying that it’s definitely the proverbial “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” scenario. You all remember what happened to the wooden arms of our chair when we first started leaving Riggo out of his crate (find a reminder here). Well after that incident it was back to the crate. Then as time went on, we thought we’d give it another go around.

Everything was going great. He spent all week out of the crate, and the worst thing we came home to was a moved chair and some blankets from his crate chewed up on the floor (no doubt from a game of tug-o-war). We thought we were in the clear.

Famous last thought.

After going up to New Jersey for the afternoon for my cousin’s graduation party, we came home only to find pieces of leather sofa scattered about the room. That’s right. Leather. Sofa. Lets survey the damage…

Every time I tell the story, the first question is, “How do you know it wasn’t Moose?” Well, for one, Moose has never ever, in all his chewing escapades (shoes, tupperware, books, pot holders), gone after furniture. And two, definitive confirmation came as Riggo pooped leather couch for the next couple of days. Honestly, I am fully aware of how lucky we are that we haven’t had to spend $5k on emergency surgery for either of these dogs. (Yes, I just knocked on wood, rubbed a rabbit’s foot and stuck a horseshoe in my pocket.)

The culprit and the crime scene…

Needless to say, Riggo won himself a one-way ticket back to crateland. Which is fine because, like Moose, he really does love and feel safe in his crate. We’ll try again when he turns one. And because we know that there are still no promises that when we try again, it won’t happen again, we’ve opted to cover this multitude of sins with the good ‘ol Redskins blanket…

Why do I feel like WE are the ones in the dog house?

8 thoughts on “God Made Yellow Labs Cute For a Reason

  1. I’m sorry but i chuckled a bit at your story. I know it’s bad but I know what you mean about having to look at those cute faces to remind yourself why you haven’t strangled them to death yet. My dogs are not much chewers, but they do some naughty things that would warrant them the “bad dog” finger. And like they know they did something wrong, they would sneak back to you (still with the finger out) with head held down and just drown you in wet kisses. hard to stay mad.

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