Travel Bug

I blame our upcoming trip to the Dominican (PS Alex, this time next week it will be your WEDDING DAY) , but I’ve definitely got the travel bug and am itching (get it, bug, itching) to plan another trip asap. And this morning I got the biggest urge to take a trip to England.

The UK stole my heart a long time go, at the wee-age of 15, and I was lucky enough to go back a few years ago. Everything was as charming as I remembered it. There’s something about the city, the countryside, the small towns, the big parks, even the weather, that I just can’t get enough of. And it goes without saying that I love a good British accent. I blame Jane Austen…or maybe Hugh Grant (the Notting Hill Hugh Grant, not the I-got-caught-with-a-prostitute Hugh Grant).

So who’s coming with me???? (NYCathy, I’m looking at you!)

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