Strangers in the Night

No, this isn’t some romantic Frank Sinatra song but rather a ridiculous story of the incident that happened last night in our bathroom. Stay with me, I promise it gets better…actually, this may end up being one of those ‘you had to be there’ stories, but my blog, my story.

In the spirit of trying not to get all TMI on you, the story starts with me waking up a 3am and having to pee. So, if you’re like me, when you have to get up for a middle of the night potty break, you know the last thing you want to do is turn on the lights. I half-sleep walk across the dark room, carefully avoiding sleeping puppies, and proceed into the dark bathroom.

Well about 10 seconds later, me in a compromising position, a dark figure appears in the dark doorway. Of course it’s Joey – who else would it be – but in my half-slumber state, and his nyquil-induced delerium, neither of us were expecting to run into anyone else in the bathroom at 3am. The soundtrack went a little something like this…



Me: AHHHHHHHHHHH, HOLY…what are you doing?!?!

J:  Oh my god…what the heck…WHY ARE YOU IN THE DARK?!?!

I’m surprised our neighbors didn’t call the cops! We scared the crap out of each other (pun intended). Fast forward all of a minute, and once we got back into bed we couldn’t stop laughing. Like tears coming out of your eyes kind of laughter.

Moral of the story…well, I don’t really think there is one. But the last thing Joey said before we went back to sleep was, “Now that’s something you have to post on your blog.” Posted.

5 thoughts on “Strangers in the Night

  1. OMG that is soooooo funny! Joe and I have definitely done that before…and in the middle of the night your eyes play tricks on you! Haha. That story made my day.

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