Dear Alex,

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years it should be that there’s no use in trying to understand what goes on inside a guys head. With that being said, I thought that since your wedding is now a mere 2 weeks away, I should give you a little warning.

Don’t ask me why.

Don’t look for any answers beyond what I’m about to tell you.

But Joey has decided that he’s doing something for your wedding.

He has decided he is going to grow a mustache.

Yes. A mustache. And we all know how sexy that was the last time around.

Exhibit A:

So if you do a double take, thinking I picked up some local Dominican at the airport to escort me to your wedding, rest assured that it’s just the strangest person I know Joey.

Lots of Love,



2 thoughts on “Dear Alex,

  1. HAHA! OMG! You gotta love Joey and his way of coming out there with surprises. Can’t wait to see the finished product amidst sipping margaritas poolside!

    Love ya both!

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