They Came, They Saw, She Conquered

There’s nothing I didn’t love about every single outfit Kate Middleton wore during her trip through Canada and California. You can find a full fashion recap on the UK’s Daily Mail Online — props to the Duchess for recycling dresses, shoes and bags. She certainly knows how to work that wardrobe of hers.


5 thoughts on “They Came, They Saw, She Conquered

  1. I loved ALMOST every outfit. I wasn’t a huge fan of the last outfit, the pleated skirt (which I did like) and the crocheted sweater (did not). I’m just not a huge crochet fan. But I was obsessed with her before and I am even more obsessed now! Love her!

    • OMG I loved the crocheted sweater!! But then again, I have more than one pair of shoes in my closet that Joey refers to as my “Granny Shoes”…so maybe I have a thing for granny fashion 😉

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