Friday Random

Ok, I’m not a huge fan of Potbelly sandwichs, I think they’re  kinda overrated, but I do looooove me some Potbelly chocolate malt milkshake. Totally wishing I had one right now. And sort of happy there isn’t a shop near me, because I’m also becoming acutely aware that our trip to the Dominican Republic is a little more than a month away and I’ve been totally slacking on the gym.

No milkshake for you.

Happy Friday!!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Random

  1. Oh Snap! DQ!
    I went to Shake Shack in Dupont…we must go there. Yes, I know you have a summer full of bikinis but the Ice Cream was just as good as the burger 🙂

    • Remember when we were in NYC waiting to get into Eataly and Cathy pointed out the Shake Shack across the park? Said there was a huge line all the time. I didn’t realize there was one in Dupont until the weekend of Alex’s bachelorette party — so jealous you went! Yes, must have date night there. Yes, must wait until after the Dominican 🙂

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