1. Game of Thrones on HBO is amazing, but last night’s finale was a little bit of a let down. Mary wants to punch Joffrey in the face, I say someone needs to cut his head off asap. I can’t believe Season 2 doesn’t start until SPRING of 2012! Good thing True Blood is starting soon, and new Harry Potter and Twilight movies hit theaters in the meantime. Lots of distractions to geek out to 🙂

2. The frozen hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts SUCKS. Seriously, spend your calories elsewhere. Dunkin dissapoints me more often than not. They’re super inconsistant. Long live Starbucks!

3. Honest Tea’s Half Tea/Half Lemonade lights up my life.

4. Stevie Nicks radio on Pandora might be the best station I’ve created to date.

5. I love experiencing new places in DC. Excited for my first trip to the E Street Cinema tonight with Pam101 of Pam101 fame. Not sure I’m hipster enough, but I wore my black mod-inspired dress to try and fit in. Is that even hipster? I’m such a square.

One thought on “Randoms.

  1. I am going to look like your Mom tonight while you are all Mod/Hipster. I am wearing a pink shirt with navy bows. yes, bows. Sigh. I’m old and lame.

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