Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Alternative headlines include:

Happy Birthday Joey &Merry Christmas to Us

Time to Eat Ramen Noodles

I Must Really Love My Fiance

Late Quarter-Life Crisis?

What the $%&@ Are We Thinking?

Life’s Too Short


Don’t You Wish You Were Nicer to Us Last Time We Saw You

All joking aside though, just a little update in the life of us. While I was busy not making plans for Saturday, Joey had a plan of his own. His plan looks a little something like this:

It’s a 1999 Seadoo Speedster Jet Boat. It seats four, and it’s now ours.

I haven’t met  her yet, but Joey has been putting in a lot of time since Saturday getting things in order (ala life jackets, proper registrations, flares, covers, engine checks etc etc etc) so she’s in tip-top for my maiden voyage which, weather permitting, I’m hoping will be this coming weekend! Stay tuned for more of our latest adventure in “buying a boat feels really grown-up and a little scary.”


5 thoughts on “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. I am so happy that I have always been nice to the McHot’s. I am wearing a bathing suit with a skirt attached the first time I go onto this thing. Oh and I am bring a bucket of beer (for me…not the driver).

  2. Very cool boat!!!!
    Buy a boat…….. good for you two………..after all there is water, water…EVERYWHERE…in this area. You are going to have fun for years to come. Enjoy…and take a boating class, then pick up your mama.

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