Redecorating Dog

Riggo is about 7 months old now, and growing bigger by the day, so  Joey and I decided it’s time we stop crating him when we’re gone. You all remember how well that went a few months back, so we also decided we need to give him a liiiittle bit of freedom at at time. Cue today, Friday, when Joey doesn’t work but had to go get new tires on his car. We decided leaving Riggo loose with Moose (ha, rhymes) for a few hours would be a good test.

Well, lets just say the chair that’s in the middle of the room in the picture above isn’t some modern furniture arrangement. Riggo went all HGTV on us and decided he wanted to redecorate by moving the chair across the room!!! How he even did that is beyond me. All I know is that when Joey called and said, “YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS,” my immediate response was to die laughing and tell him to send me a photo asap.

Stay tuned for more…because I’m certain this won’t be the last one of us has a “WHAT THE….” moment when we get home. I swear we’re going to find Moose hog-tied to a kitchen chair one day with a note pinned to him saying something like, “Took the car. Going to see a movie with the foxy terrier two doors down. – Riggo

4 thoughts on “Redecorating Dog

  1. yEH, IT LOOKS like they had a doggie poker game going on:) Do you have a video camera to leave running when you are out. It would be hysterical to see what they are up to. Tooo funny.

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