Alex’s “Around the Clock” Bridal Shower

The theme of Alex’s bridal shower was “Around the Clock”, where guests are assigned an hour of the day and then purchase a gift that the bride would use during that time. For example, towels and fun bath soaps for 6am, dinner plates for 6pm and something more ‘adult’ for those assigned midnight 😉 I unfortunately don’t have a photo to show you of the invites (which I ordered from because I think they have really great prices and super cute cards) but this is what the invitation said to help explain the theme to guests:

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

You’re Invited to a Bridal Shower that’s

“Around the Clock”

Help us give Alex the “time of her life”

as she an Anthony become husband and wife.

Please bring a gift to this bridal shower

that can be used during your assigned hour.

Your Hour Is:______

The theme was carried through the entire shower. In the photo above you can see the clock centerpieces, and the heading on the menu, “Love is Timeless.” For favors, each guest found at their place setting little kitchen timers…

Not that I can take credit for it, or that anyone noticed but me haha, but I loved how the packaging on the timers said “Tick Tock Tick Tock” just like on the invites. Yeah, I’m crazy like that.

The hours that were assigned to guests were posted above the gift table so that the gifts could be opened in the “around the clock” fashion. A little make-shift sign helped remind guests to put their gift with their hour….

Oh, and maybe I should mention the venue! We decided to hold the shower at Co Co Sala in Washington, DC. A spot we chose for its reputation for great food, amazing desserts and trendy atmosphere. It lived up to its reputation….

Gotcha Kacie!

This wasn’t dessert, it was the amuse bouche! Chocolate fried dough, with a warm chocolatey center topped with salted chocolate sauce and nuts. That’s just how they do it at Co Co Sala!

All the dishes were beautifully presented and super tasty. I most unfortunately did not get a photo of the desserts because I was helping with the gifts, but let me just say that the desserts alone are worth a trip into the city. (PS: Just went looking for dessert pictures on their website and discovered you can do a 5-course dessert experience! If heaven was a restaurant…)

You know no bridal shower is complete without at least one little game for guests. To go along with our theme, and to keep the gift opening process fun, we set a timer while the bride was opening gifts. The person whose gift was being opened when the timer went off was the person who got a prize. Prize bags for guests were simple – one had wine stoppers and cocktail napkins, another little bud vases, another a pretty picture frame and the fourth had pretty stationary and pens. (PSS: If you have two guests named Anne, make sure the person who is handing out the prize bags knows which Anne you’re referring to before they hand over the prize bag. Alex, lets just say your grandmother was a little surprised to win a prize when she had given you your gift the night before! Whoopsie!)

Last thing to mention, and this has nothing to do with the theme, but since Alex is getting married in the Dominican Republic, we decided to choose a signature cocktail that had an “island” feel. We choose a drink called the “Cilantro”: Patron Silver, Fresh Cilantro, Lime Juice and Cilantro Salt. Cheers to our Bride!

So now we’ve had Jackie’s 1950’s Housewife Shower, Alex’s “Around the Clock” Shower and coming in July I’ll have details of Kacie’s shower…but of course no spilling the beans yet!

14 thoughts on “Alex’s “Around the Clock” Bridal Shower

  1. Diana is absolutely the best Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Planner EVER! From all the details (favors, hand-made clocks on wall, various adorable signs, invites, streamers in the hotel room and the list can just keep going!) You are awesome and I love ya girl. Don’t know how I will ever top that with your shower, but I’m already starting to think 🙂

    • I’m happy to let your shower go down in history as the best ever 😉 I’m so glad you had a great weekend – that’s what it was all about for EVERYONE who banned together to make sure every last detail was accounted for. Colin’s toast was spot on, you do so much for everyone and we just wanted to give you a weekend where you can be #1!!! Love you!

  2. WOW! Love the shower pics!!!!! And I totally noticed the details on the favors – how did you find those!!?? Such a great party planner you are, D! And Alex, you made a beautiful shower bride!!!!!!!!

    • Getting the Sara O stamp of approval is like the gold medal standard for anything wedding related 🙂 I found the favors online, but then of course found them too at a local party store after ordering them online. Ah well! I need to hear details of Annie’s wedding!!! Miss you!

  3. Alexandra’s bridal shower was the best experience and many thanks to Diana, Colin, Meredith, Jeaniene, and Meg for making it so special. CoCo Sala was a fabulous choice. Can’t wait to see everyone again. Love, Aunt Roseanne

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