While looking over my calendar yesterday I realized something I had overlooked —  on Joey’s birthday, September 5th, I will be out of town for a bachelorette party! Now, as you may have noticed on my Summer List, this year isn’t just ANY birthday…it’s Joey’s 30th Birthday. And while I will be home the night of the 5th, I am filled with guilt that I won’t be around to vocally countdown the days and minutes of him saying goodbye to his youthful-twenties and entering his THIRD DECADE of life. (Note to readers, I in no way think 30 is old but of course I have to incessantly tease J about becoming an ‘old man’ because I’m younger than him and…well, I’m younger than him.)

To atone for this sin, I’ve decided I really need to pull out all the stops for his birthday. Not only do I need to come up with a realllly awesome gift, but I have to throw an even more amazing party than I originally intended. Good thing I have a little time. And good thing the internet is filled with awesome party ideas.

I first thought about an “80s” theme party given that Joey was born in ’81. And given that we make for a pretty awesome “80s” couple…

But then I felt like an 80s theme was a little too ”been there, done that’ and stumbled across something I liked a little better – a pub-theme birthday party…

Beer, darts, soft pretzels, sliders, cornhole, flavored nuts in little bowls, BEER… it automatically felt more “Joey.” So that’s where my mind is today.  I’d love to know if anyone else has a great idea for a 30th Birthday Bash. Extra d-spot points if you have photos for inspiration!

O, and Pam101…your 30th was amazing, but I’m not sure Joey would appreciate a life size cutout of Robert Pattinson 😉

4 thoughts on “Atonement

  1. I’m in the SAME BOAT! Joe’s 30th is on Sept. 30, so it’s a GOLDEN BIRTHDAY (extra pressure!)…I’m thinking maybe an Irish-themed party with guinness/car bombs/fun music. He loves his Irish heritage:) I think your pub-themed party sounds awesome! Although you know I’m partial to the 80s. 🙂 Good luck planning!

    • I love the Irish theme idea!!! Let me know what you decide to go with 🙂 O…and I need to hear about your trip to Mexico! You better post some pictures to FB missy!

  2. The TV Show Cheers was on in the 80’s. Began in 1982, I think. This could be an 80’s theme at the Cheers Bar. Joe Joe could be Ted Danson and you could be the young version of Kristi Allie 🙂

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